Dec 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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  • Showed IBSimu beam profiles at z=0 and z=135mm from Ricardo. See: Initial Distribution Plots and Emittance Plots. Josh will try to reproduce/compare with GPT simulations
  • Simulating electron beam only (no ions for now) using E-Field and B-Field maps with GPT and IBSimu. Will make plots of xrms, yrms, bunch length, emittance, etc. along the beamline. When electron models/plots agree, we can simulate ions.
  • Will use Python code from Cristian to make plots
  • Carlos/Gabriel will send step files of T-Cathode model to Cristhian for use in IBSimu
  • Need to grant Cristhian and Ricardo access to this wiki in order to upload files and allow for easy file sharing/accessing.

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