Document-Controlled Procedures for UITF

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OSPs, TOSPs and LOSPs for UITF

these documents are managed via document control and can be found at:

HDIce target loading procedure OSP and THA

HDIce Dump Magnet OSP and THA

UITF Cave2 ceiling roof tile removal OSP and THA

Cool and Operate HDice IBC and its superconducting magnets in cave2 of UITF ENP-18-80380-OSP File:Cool and Operate HDice IBC and its superconducting magnets in cave2 of UITF ENP-18-80380-OSP.pdf

UITF 748.5 MHz Buncher Cavity Operation at the Upgraded Injector Test Facility OSP and THA

UITF Commissioning the QCM with RF, no beam acceleration, OSP and THA

UITF keV Beam Operations OSP and THA

UITF sweep procedure, updated 1/3/2020, Document Number:SSG-PR-03-101,Rev. 20.0 File:UITF sweep procedure SSG-PR-03-101 Rev. 20.0 January 3, 2020.pdf

UITF TOSP_high voltage conditioning a new photogun with 225kV Spellman supply


Other official documents managed via document-control

Shielding Design Package from Vashek, approved by SCMB:, media:UITF shielding package by Vashek Vylet.pdf, Photos of trench foam and lead shielding media:UITF trench shielding with photos.xls

UITF SF6 tank pressure vessel assessment PS-ACC-17-001 can be found in DOCUSHARE at (Note, the pressure vessel assessment for a similar SF6 tank used at CEBAF can be found at

UITF QCM Vacuum Vessel assessment: File:QCM Vacuum Vessel Assessment by Gary Cheng.docx

UITF Final Approved ODH Assessment: File:UITF ODH Assessment.pdf and available at

UITF Industrial Hygiene Assessment for SF6 exposure: File:UITF SF6 assessment.pdf