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  [[Pockels Cell Opto Drivers]]
  [[Pockels Cell Opto Drivers]]
  [[UITF dipole interlocks]]
  [[UITF dipole interlocks]]
[[CEBAF injector cross connects]]
[[UHV ion pump power supplies]]

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Custom Instrumentation & Controls

Matsusada Wein Filter Power supplies 2018
SCAM macropulse controller used at CEBAF GTS and UITF
effusion source heater assembly
CEBAF 30Hz PZT documentation Media:30hz PZT.pdf
Tune Mode generators
PSS laser shutters
UITF Laser interlocks  ITF_interlock
UITF Laser table cross connects  ITF_laser xconn
UITF Glassman 450KV power supply circuits
Gain-switched laser seed information
Quad Servo Driver (for optics in/out control) Media:quadservo.pdf
Quad IA system
Pockels Cell Opto Drivers
UITF dipole interlocks
CEBAF injector cross connects
UHV ion pump power supplies