February 1, 2018 - Wien magnet coil follow-up discussion

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Danny and I met again w/ Jeff to review his plan for winding coil:

Jeff's plan:

a) Will build spacer and shim around which coil will be round
b) Will run first layer of wire down shop, mount bobbin to winding fixture to wind inside-out (like cyclotron coil)
c) After first layer shim will get knocked out and potted w/ hy-sol, but inside fixture to mitigate bending
d) After second layer both will be potted w/ hy-sol but inside fixture, to mitigate bending

Joe reported:

a) Coil pair is not that resistive 0.3-0.4 ohm, agrees w/ Jay's TN
b) At #13 square wire as-built operating 20A w/ leads will drop <10V and coil will produce <160W

We evaluate wire chart and came to conclusion:

Plan A - will attempt 12-13 turns of #13 square wire, but if winding square not efficient/effective
Plan B - will wind 11 turns of #12 round wire (#13 round is 1.48 more resistive than #13 square, too much)