February 12, 2021 - PQB/RTP meeting with UVa

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Meeting Info =

We will meet Friday Feb 12 @ 2pm via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in): https://bluejeans.com/7572697097
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 7572697097#


Pic media:210212_cebaf drive laser table corner .pdf
  • (Aaron) - Status of new RTP driver, sequence to hand off for testing, wrap this up
  • (All) - Make plans for
- Installing Pockels cell (RTP or KDP)
- Testing RTP driver
- PQB tests during Phase 1 commissioning

Minutes and Action Items

Joe's summary
  • RTP driver / cell testing
Caryn can test driver at UVa, that's Plan A, until it isn't
Aaron will work with William and Caryn to figure how to talk serially for U Va testing
Aaron will develop prototype to handle temp at 2kHz flipping (e.g. fan)
Caryn is fabrication 2nd mechanical mount, JLab has new wedged crystals
  • CIS jobs
Shukui will make/post preliminary layout of laser table table, pics
Shukui will work with Amali to install RTP cell w/ U Va driver, transfer setup procedure to JLab
Scott will work with Amail and Shukui to learn/document system UVa system, same for new prototype
Shukui's punch list
  • Caryn writes up a detailed procedure
  • Joe or Amali's JLab supervisor initiates the process to get her on the list of people for "essential work"
  • Schedule and get laser/MEDCON training
  • Amali and I will go through the procedure and get the system in
Caryn's Plan for CEBAF laser room
  • I will write a pockels cell alignment procedure. Basically it's: get the beam through the cell aperture, align the back reflections as best you can, center with the stages, and use the spinning LP to set the PITAV and the overall roll angle of the cell. Then insert the ihwp and set the pita v for that. Verify 99.9% docp for all 4 cebaf lasers. And you are pretty much done. It shouldn't take very long.
  • Amali email Shukui about him getting your laser training complete for the room and getting you on the list. A spinning LP would be good (though you can use the RHWP in a pinch, but it's more inconvenient). When you go in the laser room, take some pictures. If you look at the setup and feel that it's a two person job instead of a one person job, Joe/Shukui will need to arrange for Shukui to assist you and learn how to get 99.9% polarization.
Caryn's Plan for RTP Driver
  • When the RTP system setup to be portable to be tested at UVa, let me know and I'll come pick it up. If you determine that it is not portable, then also let me know and we'll have to make arrangements for it to be tested at Jlab. In other words, let me know either way.
Caryn's PQB ATLIS list
  • Cathode Window rotation and gradient test (1-2shifts, 15uA, up to a type of beam current monitor PCup ok)
  • 130keV sensitivity test (1/2 shift, 15-20uA, preferably up to FC2 or after chopper)
  • 200keV sensitivity test (1/2 shift, 15-20uA, preferably up to FC2 or after chopper)
  • Convergence test 1-2 shift, 15-20uA, preferably up to FC2 or after chopper
Riad's comment on BPM's
  • One more thing to pay attention to: Pete had to dis-connect some BPM cables from the parity DAQ ADC boards. He moved around some BPMs in the iocs in Injector Service Building. The cables are labelled but you will have to plug them back into the ADCs. Maybe a good time to re-organize these cables.