February 22, 2021 - I&C Installation Kickoff

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Meeting Info =

We will meet Monday February 22 @ 1:30 pm via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in): https://bluejeans.com/7572697097
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 7572697097#


Installation status
  • Schedule
    • Transition from vac/mech to girder hook-ups planned to begin April 5 (6 weeks from today)
    • We may be ready early by 1 or 2 weeks (no sooner than mid-March)
    • Total of 4 weeks are allocated for girder hook-ups (Apr 5 - Apr 30)
    • Goal is HCO/System readiness for everything up to FC#2
  • Preliminary Songsheet
I&C Jobs
  • What to expect in tunnel?
    • Similar mechanical layout => Gun + 3 girders (Y + Wien + A1/A2); there are 3D CAD models I can post in advance
    • Similar utilities => LCW (A1/A2) + Air (Bubba/Phil) + Cable tray (above/below) + 3 cable drops (Y, Laser, Chopper)
  • Viewers
    • 8 total - all chromox except ITV0I02 (YAG)
    • Crash inhibit #1 : ITV0I01 and Polarized Cup IFY0I01
    • Crash inhibit #2 : ITV0I02 and Harp IHA0I02
  • Valves
    • 3 total - all have in-line EPICS shut over ride capability (CIS installs this box)
    • Gun valve - VBV2I01A (new name), otherwise same all metal gate valve
    • Beam line valve - VBV1I07 (same name), same all metal gate valve
    • Beam line valve - VBV0I02 (same name), but now all metal gate valve, requires cable terminations like VBV1I07
    • All 3 valves tied to UHV vacuum fault (100 uA limit)
  • Ion pumps
  • Wien HV
    • Tony status update
  • BPMs
  • Harps
    • 1 total - IHA0I02 (YAG), on same cross as viewer ITV0I02 (requires crash inhibit)
  • Current Monitoring
    • 3 total - same as before (PCUP, A1, A2)
    • PCUP identical as before, just a new location
    • A1 current monitoring as before, linear bellow motion now has STAC5 motor (so remote or manual; has 3 stop positions
    • A2 current monitoring as before, linear bellows manual as before; has 3 stop positions. Used by PSS group for kicker
Software Jobs
  • CED
    • Michele or Gary can gives us an update
  • Apps
    • Injector steering script getting upgrades for Wien/Solenoid controls, also needs update of correctors/bpms
    • Any script that refers to CED elements from Gun to Chopper will need name review, sounds like a big job
  • Screens
    • I guess many screens auto-updated from CED, that's great
    • Like with apps, will need name review; I guess system owners look at their own screens for oddities?
  • What else for software?
CIS Jobs
  • Jobs list => Phase 1 area on the upgrade home page => CEBAF Injector Upgrade
  • Will meet with Magnets, DC Power, Software next Monday Mar 4, you're welcome to join
  • When should WE meet again and leading up to April 5?
  • Then 8am and Toolbox meetings at 8:30
  • Tally ho!