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(Proposed Topics)
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; Extrapolation
; Extrapolation
: Marcy - Fitting update [[media:24Feb2017ExtrapolationUpdate.pdf]]
: Marcy - Fitting update [[media:24Feb2017ExtrapolationUpdate_v2.pdf]]
: Joe - Sherman function (value/uncertainty) for Run I/II energies [[media:170223_Run12_Sherman.pdf]]
: Joe - Sherman function (value/uncertainty) for Run I/II energies [[media:170223_Run12_Sherman.pdf]]

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Reminder - we'll meet in TL-2221 and by BlueJean this Friday, Feb. 24th at 2pm EST for status reports.

Meeting Wiki


Blue Jeans

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers: http://bluejeans.com/numbers
Meeting ID: 549242574#
Web connection for desktop sharing: https://bluejeans.com/549242574

Proposed Topics

Daniel - Estimate of background from timing of flight
Daniel - Estimate of rate uncertainty by testing cuts (3 E-cuts by 3 T-cuts)
Marcy - Fitting update media:24Feb2017ExtrapolationUpdate_v2.pdf
Joe - Sherman function (value/uncertainty) for Run I/II energies media:170223_Run12_Sherman.pdf
Joe - Asymmetries vs. beam (position, size, spread, energy) DRAFT => media:JLAB-TN-17-007.pdf
Riad - Asymmetries vs. instrumental: media:Mott_DAQ_24Feb2017_meeting.pdf media:Mott_DAQ_24Feb2017_meeting.pptx
Riad - DAQ and detectors
Marcy - target ladder
Joe - vacuum chamber and acceptance
Charlie - paper status