February 28, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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ME topics
Status of 200kV small shed cathode
Springs recently signed off.
Spring SAD
Begins Monday April 15, CEBAF Restore begins Monday June 10
CEBAF as-found in April media:190228_SA_request.xlsx
Show and tell two-Wien flipper, existing controls, stuff like that
Wien Filter
Link to the Wien filter upgrade page
Field Modeling
Use CST to evaluate weak point(s) of existing Wien filter, e.g. feedthrough, standoffs
Does CST and Opera talk well together, i.e. will one or two codes (or both?) calculate the final E- and B-fields
Beam Simulations
For grins, how about comparing (GPT SLAC Wien vs. Darmstadt vs. Enge-Elegant) for simple test cases
What Wien model(s) presently exist, where are they? media:JLAB-TN-15-032_TOSCAModeling.pdf media:JLAB-TN-18-039_GPTWienModeling.pdf
Latest Layouts
Danny Gun region media:190123_gun_to_chopper.pdf
Danny Booster region media:LAYOUT14FEB19.pdf
Injector CED Booster region media:injector_model_ced_values.xlsx
Danny updated Reza layout dimensions media:Injector upgrade Choppers to Booster v01DM.pptx
Joe Gun + Booster notes media:190123_INJ.pptx