GBS - March 8, 2019

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Questions to Answer and Plots to Make

Ion/Secondary Production
  • Is production rate proportional to (current, pressure)? does it scale with ionization cross-section beam energy?
  • Is trap density proportional to production rate, i.e. scale w/ (current, pressure, time)? similarly, for beam energy?
Magnetic Trap Threshold
  • Does trap density depend upon the magnetized solenoid current? if yes, what is the dependence on current?
  • Does the min magnetizing current to sustain a trap, depend on the max magnetizing current?
  • or is it a fixed threshold, independent of beam energy, current, pressure, time, etc?
Role of Anode Bias
  • Is the anode bias essential for magnetic trapping of ions?
  • ... or rather, what impact does the anode bias have on the trap efficiency or trap density?
Role of the Electron Beam
  • Must the primary electron beam be run? if FE is present, is this sufficient? in lack of photo- or FE- beam, is there any notable ion production?
  • Can trap density co-exist w/ electron beam? is there a beam clearing effect, i.e. can trap density remain only when beam is "OFF"
  • ...if yes, then what is this limit, pA, nA, is FE enough, or if NO is there a dependence on beam current?
Diagnostics and Measurements Plans for the PGUN and TGUN beam ilnes

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