GPT/IBSimu Benchmarking Checklist

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Checklist for GPT/IBSimu simulations and benchmarking ionization routine


  • Centering electron bunch through 1.5m
  • Ion production rate benchmarked
  • Using Maxwellian distribution for ion energies
  • GPT writeremove custom element: outputs data for particles that leave the simulation - can be plotted using Mathematica to see where electrons/ions hit the beampipe, e.g.

In Progress

  • Space charge routine benchmarked against analytical theory for GPT simulations (works specifically for spacecharge3D routine)
  • DC and bunched e-beam simulations
  • Benchmarking secondary electron production

To Be Done

  • Create (simple) simulation for benchmarking using everything (ionization, gun E-field, real B-field values, vacuum conditions, same initial distribution, etc.)
  • For GPT:
    • Use local vacuum data in ionization routine (instead of assuming constant gas density)
    • Derive approximation for SEDCS for gas species other than H2 and He

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