GTS meeting 11 03 15

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  • Puck # 4 has been installed using the long manipulator. Phil had to adpat the long "schneedle" to make up the length.
  • The puck was cycled in and out several times successfully. We left the puck inserted in the electrode for high voltage conditioning, and retracted the manipulator into the prep chamber.
  • Sheep chamber has one GP100, two viewports, one 20 l/s ion pump with valve and several viewports. The rest is blanked off for gun chamber bake
  • The anode flange has been installed with electrical feedthrough connected to the isolated anode. Checked open OK. Three viewports have been mounted. A green laser beam has been aimed at the cathode and checked that it exits correctly.
  • Bubba and Phil installed the anode gate valve, with a viewport on one side.
  • The system is pumping down and Phil and Bubba installed a heating jacket to warm up the NEG strips mounted on the bottom of the chamber.
  • Sheep chamber sketch for figuring out the heaters length Media:Sheep chamber sketch for heaters length.pdf
  • Gun and sheep chamber 02.jpg
  • Gun and sheep chamber side view.jpg
  • Sheep chamber ready for vacuum.jpg
  • Gun and sheep chamber back end view.jpg
  • Viewports and valve.jpg
  • Looking down the valve.jpg
  • Looking at the cathode from top viewport.jpg
  • The cathode with Green Laser Light.jpg
  • Getting toasty 02.jpg
  • Under rough vacuum.jpg