GTS meeting 12 02 19

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  • Remote Bias supply working
  • Corrector magnets installed

To Do:

  • Get OSP signed by Kevin Banks
  • Survey of gun again (at some point)
  • RF Reflected power fiber link pair repair.
  • Viewer repair - Chris Norris
  • Replace anode picoampmeter - Fixed & working, comm problem.

  • PSS Certification of GTS: Wednesday Dec 18, 8:30 to 12:00.

Update 12/5/19

  • OSP signed.

Electrons made!! WOOHOO - Cut off voltage v. gun V plot.

  • TOSP or ATLIS for DC bias supply and RF on. "Work control document". Ask Harry
  • Move all but one of the rad monitors down the beamline.
  • With SCAM over-ride do the RF calibration. Keep valve closed.