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  • The gun is not fully conditioned to 350kV in vacuum, looks like we still have a field emitter to process, despite being up to 365 kV in Krypton:

    • HV Processing graph DPP vs Barrel Polished.png

  • A new mechanism for holding the puck on the top heater of the cathode prep chamber has been implemented:
    • The previous idea, using a spring-leaf wrapped around the tube of the heater stalk, did not work. The spring did not hold the puck after being heated.
    • The new scheme uses sapphire rollers mounted on inconel fingers, the same ones used to grab th puck inside the ball electrode. With this scheme, Mamun and Yan demonstrated the puck is firmly grabbed and pulled towards the heater. The pucks will have to be modified with a groove to make it work. A dummy Al puck was used for the test:

    • Dummy puck with external rollers grab.jpg