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List of beamline hardware modifications:

  1. Replace YAG screen on Viewer 1 - Done
  2. Replace Slit on Viewer 2 with holes assembly - Done
  3. Replace two ion collectors with new ones
  4. Replace Harp fork (Tony)
  5. Remove modified DP can - Done
  6. Remove Faraday Cup - Done
  7. Remove bellow upstream of dump - Done
  8. Remove LDR Harp arm and replace with ion-pump
  9. Install TE011 Cavity
  10. Install Deflecting Cavity
  11. Install new 5th solenoid
  12. Move DP can 1 to end of beamline
  13. All bellows at least 2.5 inch diameter
  14. Both gate valves are 2.5 inch-bore and will remain on beamline - Done

List of hardware support:

  1. Install Deflecting Cavity power supply, MO and other parts
  2. Install TE011 Cavity readout cable and electronics

List of software and controls changes:

  1. Re-program SCAM to allow for 1 Hz and 50 ns macro-pulses
  2. Add 5th solenoid to magnet screen

Modification to HV and Preparation chambers:

  1. Upgrade anode HV bias feed-through to 5 kV
  2. Remove anode and clean melted spot
  3. Fix Transverse Manipulator
  4. Fix Sb boat
  5. Clean chamber of Sb pellets

Remove gain-switched laser from GTS to LERF

Install BNL high bunch laser

Install Brock's TE011 Cavity