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  • Yan did POISSON simulations of the gun to see if the addition of NEG WP50s on the bottom affects the field on the electrode. The field increases from 4 to 6 MV/m. Media:Yan's-Gun-Chamber-with-NEG.pptx
  • Fay presented an update on magnetized beam simulations, the "S" shape seems to come from the beamline focusing solenoid, not induced by the magnetized beam solenoid. Media:16-01-10-Comparison_of_cathode_fields_LDRD.pdf
  • A meeting with Vashek was held on 01/15/2016 to discuss radiation shielding. The minutes of this meeting are posted in this wiki.
  • Shukui completed the LSOP and is now approved and in the EH&S system.
  • Phil is making progress with the cathode prep chamber gathering components and sending items for fab at the machine shop.
  • The beamline has been taken off its temporary support and is now on the floor resting on its feet. Phil, Bubba and Yan placed it near its final position.
  • The upstream solenoid has been mounted, while the downstream solenoid is requiring more involved work to be mounted.
  • Carlos talked to Joe about the orientation of the solenoid leads with respect to beam direction: It does not matter. Once the solenoids are installed, we will use a Gauus probe to determine the field direction and connect the PS as necessary to be consistent with the models.
  • Bubba is working on the downstream side of the beamline assembling 80/20 girder for the DP can, viewer cross and dump.
  • Joe Gubeli gave us the DP can, it has NEGs already and is now in the GTS.
  • Question: Do we need/want S&A to set the gun & beamline positions? Note that the beamline does not have alignment cartridge feet, but rather each beamline component mount has alignment capabilities. So, girder in the ballpark, beamline fine position adjusted with individual mounts.
  • Some pictures of the GTS beamline work in progress