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Preliminary Drawings of T-Gun and 3D Views


Beamline Survey


List of completed beamline hardware modifications

  1. Replaced YAG screen on Viewer 1
  2. Replaced Slit on Viewer 2 with holes assembly
  3. Replaced two ion collectors with new ones
  4. Replaced Harp fork (Tony)
  5. Removed modified DP can
  6. Removed Faraday Cup
  7. Removed bellow upstream of dump
  8. Removed LDR Harp arm and replace with ion-pump
  9. Rotated Viewer 3 to vertical
  10. Installed TE011 Cavity
  11. Installed Deflecting Cavity
  12. Installed new 5th solenoid
  13. Moved DP can 1 to end of beamline
  14. All bellows at least 2.5 inch diameter
  15. Both gate valves are 2.5 inch-bore
  16. S&A on Thursday February 7, 2019

List of hardware support

  1. Install Deflecting Cavity power supply, MO and other parts
  2. Install TE011 Cavity readout cable and electronics

List of software and controls changes

  1. Re-program SCAM to allow for 1 Hz and 50 ns macro-pulses
  2. Add 5th solenoid to magnet screen

Re-install gain-switched laser (seed and pre-amp) in GTS