GTS meeting 3 09 20

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  • Update:
GTS macropulse chassis removed 3/6/20 - grames
The CEBAF macropulse chassis 'FSD OK' DIO output optocoupler failed on Friday.  Tried, but could not reach Fay, Mark, Riad in advance, but finally we removed the GTS unit, jumpers are documented and are on the desk.  That unit is now in CEBAF, worked fine over the weekend.  Scott will repair the 'bad' CEBAF unit optocoupler and modify to operate with 24V PS so 1:1 compatible with others.   He'll then return to GTS, ETA is later this week.   Fay wrote me they're using a function generator instead now, so didn't sound urgent to return sooner.   If I have this wrong, let me know....