GTS meeting 3 15 16

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  • The beamline bake is complete.
    • The ion pumps read about 0.6 nano-Amps as reported by Gamma controllers.
    • Some 'bakeable" SHV cables were damaged but have been replaced.
    • The NEGs in the DP can could not be fully activated, they shorted out.
    • The ion pump in the DP can reads about 6 nano-Amps, while the ion pump n the viewer just upstream of the dump reads about 20 nano-Amps.
  • The cathode prep chamber along with the gun chamber have also being baked at 200 C for about 4 days.
    • Since the gate valve between the chambers leaks through, we decided to bake with the valve closed, pumping the gun with the bake I/P under the table.
    • After activating the NEGs int he prep chamber, we are cooling down in preparation to remove the oven Wednesday morning.
  • Short terms action items:
    • We want to apply HV and evaluate performance after the bake.
    • Once we recover 325kV performance, we can start populating the 1/2 rack with the equipment needed for the cathode prep chamber.
  • These are our three inverted insulator sizes
    • Our three inverted doped alumina insulators side by side.jpg