GTS meeting 4 04 17

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  • Plans for this week:
  1. Beamline bake with full NEG activation – Done
  2. Degas Faraday Cup – Done
  3. Remove old laser – Done
  4. Put ND filters in front of YAG Screen cameras to prevent camera saturation – Done
  5. Calibrate laser power meter at exit window vs input window – Done
  6. Laser spot walk to make sure spot is round and no clipping – Done
  7. Measure laser size versus laser power – Checked – no dependence on power
  8. Change laser size: x0.5 – Done – now 0.239 mm rms, was 0.525 mm
  9. Grow new photocathode with full active area – Delayed to next week, will run first with existing limited-active area photocathode