GTS meeting 4 12 21

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  • Upgrade Glassman Gun PSS interlock chassis (Scott)
  • Add vacuum interlock to HV supply (Scott)
Plan B: Install Spellman 225 kV power supply. Did not work because we could not establish remote communication - [1]
Plan C: Install spare Spellman power supply (225 kV, 5 mA). Now at UITF, to be moved to GTS.

  • Beamline - no bake of beamline: (Mamun and Bubba)
    • Replace YAG screens on Viewers 1, 2 and 3
    • Replace leaky right-angle valve
    • Check ion-trap Gun spool
    • Remove Deflecting Cavity and move TE_011 Cavity in its place
Install Electrodynamics Ring Cavity (later)

  • Prep Chamber: (Mamun)
    • Remove Cs/K source
    • Add K source

  • Gun HV Chamber: (Carlos)
    • Replace Anode
    • Replace Pierce geometry
    • Upgrade anode HV bias feed-through to 10 kV

  • Laser: (Shukui)
    • Re-install 500 MHz green fiber laser
Install new pulse laser (later)