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  • Viewers
    • Tony and Chris have routed and labeled the cables according to the nomenclature provided by Chase Dubbe
    • Bubba replaced the damaged bearings, the viewers can move in and out now.
    • KEvin is working on the electronic boxes, he will order air (needle?) fittings that should be here in a few days.
    • Kevin will coordinate today with Tony and Chris for wiring up the boxes. He also mentions there is a box to simulate the viewer in/out for EPICS trials.
    • Pam asked to be informed when the viewers are ready, she needs to know what kind of viewers we have, in terms of providing proper signals to prevent viewer damage by sudden motion??? I believe Omar will notify Pam when the hardware is ready.
  • DC POWER *
    • Eric Diggs reports that cables for 10 channels has been routed into the GTS Enclosure. He needs to know nomenclature as soon as possible for labeling and routing the cables via the ceiling cable tray.
    • The channel assignments have been made and will be submitted to Gary presently.
    • Installation of LCW for the power supply has begun.
    • 480VAC power installation task has been submitted and the electricians are awaiting a window of opportunity to begin.
  • Vacuum *
    • G. Greenfield has completed routing and terminating cables for all 6 ion pumps.
    • Only the gun ion pump is connected to one of the UHV controllers and has EPICS readback.
    • J. Hansknecht has installed a bank of six UHV IP controllers. He is working with W. Moore to provide 6 channels. This signals will eventually be used in EPICS for strip tooling and vacuum screens.
  • GUN HV *
    • Applied voltage under vacuum conditions. Seems that voltage induced gas desorption threshold is at 285 kV after the bakeout.
    • Reached 300kV under vacuum conditions, but with field emission. We will proceed with Kr processing.
  • Cathode Prep Chamber *
    • Mamun Defended his PhD thesis last week!
    • The GTS enclosure has been cleaned up and re-organized, it now has a rack for the prep chamber ancillaries
    • Phil provided an electric "screwdriver' for moving the bottom heater / transfer point up and down. Still need to install stoppers.
    • Mamun has moved the following items form the prep chamber in the vacuum lab to the GTS: 40 Amps PS for Sb depo, cathode (SOLO) heat controller, multi-TC reader, battery box, computer.
    • We need: The effusion source heater (when will it come back from J. Smedley?
    • Both cathode heaters (need input from Phil)
  • Other *
    • Coordinating with Tina Manaffee GTS mezzanine clean up.
    • The plastic box is gone!
    • We can now use the tools in the back, providing a list of people to H.Fanning.
    • Tina looking into excessing large items (aka junk). After that, it is our turn to organize the FEL gun valves and other stuff we purchased for the mythical Frankengun
    • Andrew wants to visit the GTS Wednesday April 6 after the MCC meeting
    • Fulvia wants to visit the GTS Friday April 8 at 2:00 pm