GTS meeting 5 09 17

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Beta Calculations


Software Tasks

  1. Verdi laser control into EPICS with a serial communication (used before)
  2. X stage and Y stage STAC5 for QE steering lens
  3. New laser Amplifier

Ion collectors update

  1. Downstream collector biased positive and negative
  2. What is charging up / discharging
  3. Some preliminary data on ion collector biased positive and negative: Media:Downstream collector data vs beam current pos and neg bias.xlsx
  4. Calculations of the ion current for the GTS vacuum and beam current parameters using Cornell's and Eduard Pozdeyev's paper show ion current bellow 0.1 pA.
  5. Comments form Steve Full at Cornell:
"We did take measurements without N2 gas leaks at 10 mA, but we didn’t observe any ion current change as a function of clearing voltage. 
Some measurements: 
0.192 pA @  0 V 
0.192 pA @ 28 V. 
I believe there are two possible explanations:  
1) We weren’t clearing any ions (I seriously doubt this - 28 V should’ve been sufficient to clear all ions,  based on our measurements with gas leaks) 
2) There was too much background noise in the injector when we did the experiments.  (This seems much more likely)."