GTS meeting 7 15 19

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  • Progress:
    • HV supply installed, with remote operation-completed
    • Macro pulsing wiring- completed
    • Fiber-optic communications wired and functioning- completed
    • Gun installed with Josh's spool- completed
    • Hot deck constructed and installed -completed
    • RF transmission line constructed and installed- completed
    • Troubleshooting DC voltages on hot deck- completed
    • Gun under vacuum removal turbo- completed

  • Remaining Tasks:
    • Cathode activation- waiting on Karl's instruction
    • HV processing- needs to be after cathode activation
    • RF/macro pulsing troubleshooting- need scope and power meter
    • Survey and alignment- need to scheduled

  • Schedule:
    • RF troubleshooting as soon as I have required equipment. Start today?
    • Cathode activation- as so0n as I get the required settings from Karl it will be completed the same day.
    • HV processing- the day after cathode activation.
    • survey and alignment- ideally Friday 7/19/19