GTS meeting 7 29 19

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  • Survey:
Drawing: media:TGun_Cathode_drawing.pdf
  • Overview:
    • HV Processing needs to be done
    • Survey and alignment was completed. Final placement of solenoid needs to be set
    • SMA cable causing RF issue has been replaced and final RF work needs to be done
    • DC Bias Supply is in John Musson's Lab being modified and tested: working schedule unknown
    • open valve to beam-line and produce initial beam
    • determine cut-off voltages with solenoid on/off
    • produce RF bunched beam of specific bunch charges
    • measure bunch properties of magnetized and non-magnetized beam
    • produce 65 mA magnetized beam as part of Xelera deliverables

  • 7/29 work plan:
    • complete gun enclosure for corona mitigating nitrogen flow
    • Install radiation monitors
    • modify Hot deck HV contact
    • finalize Solenoid placement
    • connect the anode bias
  • 7/30 work plan:
    • set up camera to visually monitor HV (waiting on updated software)
    • Standard HV processing
    • HV processing with solenoid on if standard HVP goes well
  • 7/31 work plan:
    • Finish RF work, Final check of SCAM and create supply to voltage chart
    • Check DC Bias Supply progress (possibly reinstall)
  • 8/1-onward work plan:
    • Depends on what happens up to this date...