GTS meeting 9 09 19

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  • Update:
    • Kr processing attempted - not really successful.
    • 2 days under vacuum at 120kV, but with radiation increasing.
    • Spare cathode is dead
  • Talking Points:
    • Equipment damage during HV processing: Radiation gamma probe (again), Cathode Solenoid LCW flowmeter chassis (again)
    • Magnetizing solenoid PS may be used in LERF for a while for isotopes.
  • Suggested Actions:
    • Open up the gun - look for damage (take care with cathode). Look for anything around the screws for the cathode electrode
    • Install the glassman supply as an alternative HVPS source (GTS 550 kV Glassman supply)
    • One final change to the grounding of the Spellman, where HVPS chassis is grounded in the vault