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  • Cathode Prep Chamber
    • Mamun and Yan successfully demonstrated that the heat-puck engagement mechanism works.
    • A spring with 5 leaves was made by the machine shop. Mamun found out that the height of the bend was too much, so he 'flattened' it bit, making the puck easier to insert and remove.
    • Measured force to disengage puck: about 3 lbs.
    • Also found that the length of the leaves has to be shorter, Mamun had to add a second 'hose clamp'
    • Testing under vacuum, found that several heat-cool cycles kept the puck engaged, but after removal form vacuum springs seemed to be more stiff. Mammon thinks it is because the test temp was as high as 300C, which we do not need. Usual photocathode activation is 150-200 C.
    • Mamun is setting up for a temperature calibration using a TC in vacuum.
  • HV Gun chamber
    • Did a test fit for the NEGs using the rails and the perforated plate, see picture below.
    • NEG perforated plate mockup front view.jpg
    • The gap between the NEG and the perforated plate is about 1 cm.
    • The rails have been tack welded to the chamber
    • Next is assembling the NEG package inside the gun.
  • Magnetized beam
    • Magnet fully installed
    • Water and electrical connections done