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((2) T-Gun Upgrades)
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* Remove JLab spellman
* Remove JLab spellman
* Sort out the air and nitrogen lines.
* Sort out the air and nitrogen lines.
* Buy a shop vac (ask Bubba)
* Vacuum clean!

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(1) Get GTS back to operational

To Fix List (to get GTS running):

  • Glassman PSS Chassis (Service request to Omar - Carlos)
  • LCW Chassis (Sarin- Fay follow up)
  • Spellman (should arrive today)
  • Picoammeter x2? (Pete Francis in hand - sent for fix)
  • Viewers insertion boxes bad

To Check:

  • Magnets (IOC check)
  • Cathode solenoid - power supply


  • Harp (fuse replaced)
  • Cavities (electronics)
  • Turbo (fixed itself)

(2) T-Gun Upgrades

Need a safe gun - no devastating trips. Limit voltage to 135kV

RF cage - Features:

  • HV attaches through the back as designed.
  • G10 plate to support the HV cable
  • Nitrogen flow, also through G10 plate aimed at the back of the hot deck
  • Nitrogen flow, though the top of the cage, aimed at ceramic
  • Dimensions need to be longer than the table to keep E fields on the hot deck lower than 3MV/m (air breakdown)

To Fix/Modify:

  • DC bias supply - set point fix (John Musson)
  • RF Cage (Mark/Fay)
  • Back plate to allow increased cooling (open the hole - Fay talk to Vince)
  • Software issues (Karl to contact Spellman again)
  • Install new fiber link & check (CW setting - Mark emailed company)



  • Remove RXX cables from GTS
  • Remove JLab spellman
  • Sort out the air and nitrogen lines.
  • Vacuum clean!