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(Cool Picture of a Red Reef Lobster)
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== Useful Documentation ==
== Useful Documentation ==
*Add TexNote for running code on farm
*TechNote for running code on farm: [[media:G4_IFARM_TN.pdf]]
== Cool Picture of a Red Reef Lobster ==
== Cool Animals ==
* His name is Lamar [[media:lamar.jpg]]
* His name is Lamar [[media:lamar.jpg]]

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How to find me?

Greg for wiki.jpg

Phone: (610) 573-1516

E-Mail (JLab): gtblume@jlab.org

E-Mail (ODU): gblum002@odu.edu

Office (JLab): TED 2500-62

Office (ODU): OCNPS 229



Useful Documentation

Cool Animals