Gun2 Load Lock Chamber Replacement

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Joe's punchlist from 6/11:

  1. Danny, what else ought I do to confirm travel, in case I get into tunnel? => didn't happen, still necessary?
  2. Phi/Marcy, can you confirm Danny's parts list, set them aside when found? => Phil, see parts list below
  3. Matt, do you want us to replace the UHV 2" stroke manipulator? => no, we can keep the one Matt gave us
  4. All, do we want larger IP tee w/ reducer to port-aligner, to improve load/bake pumping? => talked to Danny, he's looking at this
  5. Marcy, can you look at heating blankets for this geometry, good idea? => come w/ info
  6. All, do we have spare motor to drive UHV manipulator? => don't need

Danny's e-mail from 6/11:

Attached is what i've layed out for the puck dock: media:PUCKDOCKJUNE10.pdf
It will hold 3 pucks and fit in the space occupied by the existing tee. this allows us to re-use the existing suitcase manipulator. though i still have to confirm how it has  adequate travel to work presently.  i think a new manipulator is around 3-4k. this looks to be the least expensive way to accomplish a load lock.  we can spend less on the tee weldment, but only have one or two puck  capabilities. we could do without the port-aligner if we didn't want to align the puck holder under vacuum. but then the puck holder gets to be more complicated. we'll have to use studs and nuts into the valves on both sides  of the tee. i understand we want to be able to install this in august, so i'll start on the purchase reqs and detail  drawings.
We have on hand:
-the linear manipulator for the vertical travel.
-2.75 tee, i presume.
-ion pump, reuse the 20l/s one on the existing tee.
-4.5" window.
We have to order:
-port-aligner, i think this costs about $1500 => Matt says to buy (2), one for UITF
-6"-2.75" CF zero length reducer? or do we have one?
-two 6" CF non-rotatable flanges? or do we have them?
-6" window? or do we have one?
-two 4.5" CF rotatable flanges? or do we have them?
-2.5" tube? or do we have some?
-4.5" CF non-rotatable? or do we have one?
-reducing cross, 4" tube x 2.5" tube.
We have to fabricate:
-2.75 flange with puck holder.
-reducing cross weld ment