Gun Test Stand Meeting Minutes and To-Do Lists

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Gun Test Stand Meetings


GTS meeting 9_8_15 350 kV vs 500 kV guns, Yan poisson field maps
GTS meeting 9_1_15 More discussion, optimized sheds and plan y and z
GTS meeting 8_25-15 More discussion re: shed optimization for gun Plan Z
GTS meeting 8_18_15 Global GTS talking points, the big picture, VA beamline etc., to do list
GTS meeting 8_11_15 More poisson results, discuss revisiting the white R30 insulator + shed test
GTS meeting 8_4_15 Yan's poisson results, Danny's latest drawing, electrode inventory, insulator inventory
GTS meeting 7_14_15 discuss gun Plan Z
GTS meeting 7_7_15 kick off and to-do list, review Carlos' HV results
 media:Carlos' HV insulator paper_IEEE preprint.pdf