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We should talk about the kicker test from a broad perspective to get a realistic sense of the difficulties and options.

What we need to measure

  • Measure kick angle of HK as a function of the kicker bucket number
  • Measure emittance degradation as a function of the kicker bucket number

What we don't need to measure; correct me if I'm wrong

  • impact of ludicrous bunch charges, unless they are needed for diagnostics
  • bunch train with multiple "different" buckets filled at the same time

Beam setup and diagnostic options

  • Assumption: bunch frequency = f_RF / 121 = f_Kicker / 7 ~ 12 MHz.
    • All bunches then arrive at the same kicker phase.
    • The kicker phase knob selects the kick voltage.
  • Measure kick angle with one or two BPMs downstream of the kicker. I feel like we will need two for a good determination of the tilt unless we take precautions to precisely align the launch into the kicker.