How to run CODA

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CODA Startup

go to injector -> spin -> mott measurement control and open scripts there see "startcoda help" for diretions on using CODA

Obsolete way:

 From an accelerator machine: ssh -X idaq@opsmdaq0 

Note: idaq is the injector DAQ account and uses ssh authorized_keys for login - no need to enter password

Execute the following few steps:

% startcoda

Note: Instead of using the above script, we used this old way to do it: Old Procedure to Start CODA

Start and Stop a Run

From Run Control panel, select in the following order (Note: if any of the selection is already completed, move to the next step):

  1. Sessions => inj
  2. Configurations => Cool => Mott_Sample
  3. Platform => Connect
  4. Configure
  5. Download
  6. Prestart (or Start. Note that Start combines both Prestart and Go)
  7. Go
RunControl screen2.png

To stop a run:

  1. End

To start a new run, select:

  1. Prestart (or Start. Note that Start combines both Prestart and Go)
  2. Go
  3. End

and if you want to apply a change or you need a new configuration:

  1. Reset

and start from number 5.

Issues and FAQ

  • Set Event Limit in Run Control: Options => Scheduler => Program: Enter Event Limit
  • How to reboot iocmdaq1:
idaq@opsmdaq0 > telnet iocmdaq1
Connected to iocmdaq1.
Escape character is '^]'.
vxwrks@iocmdaq1 -> reboot