Jan 10, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Emails/attachments sent during the previous week

  • Email chain subject name: IBSimu/GPT weekly meeting
    • Date: Jan 7-8, 2020
    • Description: Cristhian sent space charge compensation article, which is now linked on the wiki here.

Post-meeting notes

  • Next meeting is Jan 10, 2020
  • Compared electron beam simulation results through 1.5m
  • Josh:
    • Ask bas about space charge routine to simulate ions within beam potential
    • Look at GPT time-based field maps for beam potential (i.e. to simulate time-dependent beam potential)
    • Check beam parameters: for a 1mA, 500MHz beam, the bunch charge should be 2pC. Bunch length should be 50ps (RMS). Beam size (laser spot) at PC should be 1mm RMS.
    • Try GPT simulations with and without space charge.
    • Put stdx and stdy vs Z on side view simulations.
    • Produce initial particle distribution that starts at 135mm using a Gaussian distribution
    • Put Alex Chao paper with calculations on wiki (This paper is for Fast Ion Instability -- a potential method to determine the identities of ions within an electron beam with very long bunches)

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