January 21, 2020 - Modeling

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We'll meet as usual at 2:30pm.

Jobs from last week

  • Joe - Request new magnet names from Chase for magnets => sent e-mail awaiting reply
  • Joe - Identify work areas to store files => did this, please check you have access
On the ops side => /a/itfdata/aipinj
On the jlab side => /group/inj_group/aipinj
  • Reza/Alicia - List sequence of magnets (correctors, lens, Wiens) and diagnostics (bpm's, viewers, harps)
  • Dennis - describe all of the element types so ready to model layouts
  • Joe - Build and engineering table of magnet elements

ME updates

  • Danny has updated layout w/ correct chopper beamline solenoids
  • Shaun has developed a design to fixture and align the beam line solenoids
  • Phil is tallying available BPM's types (tunnel + labs)
  • Marcy is checking on metallized YAG screen w/ hole
  • Joe is coordinating test of laser window size 2-3/4" vs. 4-1/2"
  • Shaun/Joe are working to get laser room and outrigger table into CAD model