January 23, 2020 - Mechanical engineering

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From last week...

ME updates

  • Shaun has developed a design to fixture and align the beam line solenoids => updates?
  • Phil is tallying available BPM's types (tunnel + labs) => ?
  • Marcy is checking on metallized YAG screen w/ hole => ?
  • Joe is coordinating test of laser window size 2-3/4" vs. 4-1/2" => Danny updated layout, will pass along to modelers
  • Shaun/Joe are working to get laser room and outrigger table into CAD model
=> In /group/inj_group/hansknect/ => D:\My Documents from jlab work pc\AutoCad\cleanroom designs\OuterlaserBox
=> Joe put photos on OneDrive, has dwg info for Shaun
  • Joe gave Chase info for magnet names => ...waiting
  • Modelers...
=> Reza and Alicia are on the hook to provide a sequence next tuesday's 1/28 meeting
=> Dennis is ready to put any layout into elegant to test optics, then we iterate
  • A1/A2 => Reza is wondering about PSS kicker to A1, and A2 being remotely insertable (like A3 or A4)
  • Chopping chamber => fc#1 bellow is leaky, will need to replace this summer (if not sooner), so beam line will be vented...
  • Advanced Booster work => Neil is looking at plan to remove 5D beam line and construct support plates for 4500 lb QCM or Booster

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