July 19, 2022 - Group meeting

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July 19

General Info
  • I&C
  • CIS web page
Papers and reports
  • Early scientist lunchtime gatherings
  • Valeria's - summer study report
  • Matt's PV - graphics from Joe Wien, Riad PV
  • Sajini's and Mamun's and Riad's magnetized beams - peer review
  • Josh's and Joe's biased anode - author review
  • Gun2 lifetime
  • A2/IYG0I02 charging
  • Hall D TMG
  • Hall A laser board
UITF (next 2-3 weeks)
  • Yan wants to recheck some booster measurements. deflection, rotation, 2-cell GSet calibration
  • Max wants to repeat the measurement of spectral content on beam, for beam to the MeV spectrometer, in CW (I will ask David H. for permission, someone from RadCon will need to be there during data taking)
  • Gigi wants beam
  • Tomasz and Rama want time for LLRF3.0 development
  • Joe/Riad/Valeria want some time to finish Mott, what amounts to ~finish Mott checkout + ~ 1 shift for tgt. thick & spin dance
Your Projects
  • Gabriel 500 kV insulator
  • Marcy mini-Mott
  • Mamun TE011 cavity & vacuum work
  • Riad LDRD
  • Shukui KL laser