July 19, 2022 - Group meeting

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July 19

General business
  • NA-PAC proceedings are due 8/2, its polite to submit for internal review a ~week ahead NA-PAC
  • Procurement's deadline for FY22 purchases is 8/19, anything later is not guaranteed
  • Crystal is taking a new job in procurement, beginning 8/1
    • CIS web page
  • Nate is now our point of contact for I&C jobs
  • Early scientist lunchtime gatherings
  • Cleaning up 1137, UITF shop, making space for students and phase 2 ugprade
UITF (this week and next week)
  • Hall D TMG failed last week, was a cold solder joint, it was repaired and in 1137 locker w/ shutter
  • Nate reported they are now able to successfully load firmware to seed laser board, ready for testing soon
  • KL will begin installation in 2025, for operating in 2026-2028, let's add PR to FY23 budget request (need full scope integration w/ RF, software, etc.?
  • A2/IYG0I02 charging https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4015377
  • Injector bpm's respond to current differently https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4014457
  • Gun2 lifetime
Your Projects
Papers and reports
  • Valeria's - summer study report
  • Matt's PV - graphics from Joe Wien, Riad PV
  • Sajini's and Mamun's and Riad's magnetized beams - out for peer review
  • Josh's and Joe's biased anode - author review