July 31, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Post-meeting notes

  • Ricardo presented updated results of secondary electron trajectories (after SEY) with expanded steering magnet field map - previously the field map did not cover the entire beam pipe (this was fine for the focused primary electron beam, but not for ions and secondary electrons)
  • Carlos showed the positions of radiation monitors around the CEBAF (?) gun
  • Link to Google Doc is now on this meeting page (and will be on all future meeting pages).
    • Josh will upload a QE difference plot to the outline. Cristhian uploaded a QE plot from June 2017 with the ion damage distribution overlayed. The distribution overlaps where the apparent QE damage is.
  • Josh showed preliminary simulations for the GPT/IBSimu benchmarking test. Will have a full presentation next week.
    • Two simulations used a constant H2 density of 10^17 and two used Marcy's H2 density profile for CEBAF from Molflow.
    • Will try a higher density to increase the # of ions produced in the simulation - this will hopefully show that ion transverse distribution matches the Gaussian transverse distribution of the primary electrons.
    • Also need to filter the results by particle type (i.e. primary electrons, secondary electrons, SEY, ions)
    • Need to use space charge - maybe should get potential from primary electron beam and use that? Not sure if it would be faster to do that...

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