July 5, 2022 - Group meeting

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July 5

NA-PAC - https://attend.ieee.org/napac-2022/
Papers and reports
  • Valeria's - summer study report
  • Matt's PV - graphics from Joe Wien, Marcy Molflow, Riad PV
  • Sajini's and Mamun's and Riad's magnetized beams - peer review
  • Josh's and Joe's biased anode - author review
CEBAF and 200 KV gun
  • Riad on-call - Wien SCE 60 Hz ~10% intensity after apertures, Tom says causes RF issues - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4011183
  • Gun2 lifetime getting better - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4011198
  • I&C could not reproduce John's firmware for 4-laser board, assigned engineer use modern comm tools, maybe have to re-write firmware TBD
  • Riad working with I&C and fast electronics => Moller helicity board (Riad), new helicity decoder board (Riad), helicity magnets upgrade (Joe), RTP helicity HV driver (Shukui)
  • this week (Jul 4th) => see if we can wrap up cave work, back to beam permit? media:220705_UITF_HCO.docx
  • next week (Jul 11th) => MeV HCO in AM, then beam for main jobs (beam FC, viewer shields, Wien E/B cal, beam Mott dump, Mott det/DAQ, prebuncher)
  • following 2 weeks (July 18 - Aug 1) => MeV beam ops (prebuncher, booster, wastewater)
Your Projects
  • Gabriel 500 kV insulator
  • Marcy mini-Mott
  • Mamun TE011 cavity & vacuum work
  • Riad LDRD
  • Shukui KL laser