June 12, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Post-meeting notes

  • Josh presented results on benchmarking SEDCS and Maxwellian sub-routines in the GPT custom element that assign secondary electron and ion energies respectively.
    • Presentation is now uploaded to OneDrive.
    • Tech note is on meeting page.
    • Need to check First bin on SEDCS histograms - why is the histogram biased to lower energies?
    • Will create an SEY routine that allows the user to input a user defined function for the distribution of secondary electrons during SEY.
    • Will upload Outline of paper (from Joe) with a hierarchy of folders for tech notes and material to be uploaded for the paper.
  • Cristhian presented a new polynomial function for ion generation
    • Results showed that CO accumulated faster than H2 - perhaps due to difference in mass, resulting in H2 clearing faster than CO.
    • SEY in IBSimu simulation required that ions must have an energy of at least 1 keV. For each eligible ion, one secondary electron was produced (i.e. one-to-one) in the direction normal to the surface. Need references for the angular distribution of SE...should it be random?

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