June 13, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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Today's Agenda

Wien filter upgrade plan
Updates to the layouts - AIPINJ Layouts
BPM upgrade path
Elegant modeling 200keV transverse optics w/ solenoids, Wiens, and quads

Last weeks To-Do List

Layout edits for Danny...
  1. Locate NEW MFA0I03/MFA0I05 CL 15.9cm from faces of chopper
  2. Move the 0I05 elements downstream, then add a valve
  3. After each solenoid locate a BPM with a Haimson magnet over it (let's see how well this works)
  4. Remove all other corrector coils.
  5. Make the viewer after the buncher the combined viewer+FC1
  6. Layout A3 to Booster in this order (not on top of one another): A3, DP can, Solenoid, BPM w/ Haimson, YAO, viewer, A4
  7. Set the bend angle of 1D beam line larger than 30 deg, but smaller than 45 deg...should be able to work between 1D and 0I line better than now
  8. Danny to add 3" long place holder for a wien quad upstream and downstream of each Wien filter like this: quad, cross, wien, cross, quad
  9. Danny, can you put old 5MeV dipole (MDL0L02) in place of 500keV Dipole (Shaun may have this drawing), it accepted a 1" square welded pipe, similar to UITF
Y-Chamber jobs...
  1. Marcy, find the y-chamber in UITF, have it degassed, recommend a pump configuration
  2. Reza consider a new DS magnet that fits within L=5.25", over 3.0" pipe, that would have two 7.5 deg pole face rotations
Chopper brainstorming...
  1. Reza say how far apart he'd like the chopper solenoids spaced from chopper center to minimize/eliminate B-field (helpful to say for both the 3.99" and 4.62" ID solenoids)
  2. Reza say what would be a reasonable reduction in the chopper circle, from 3cm to Xcm
  3. Danny consider a new chopping chamber, w/o central plug, where either four slits (A,B,C,Master) are INSERTED and at the centerline OR a viewer is INSERTED (can viewer be normal w/ mirror behind?)
  4. Marcy investigate precision linear vacuum actuators...are there other options to consider?