June 22, 2021 - Group Meeting

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Group business
  • Paul Vasilauskis is looking for PD's - good opportunity for young staff to meet people, let me know if you plan to volunteer
  • Until MEDCON-3 (Labor day?) the lab is not generally approving foreign travel.
  • Virtual and domestic travel is permitted - submit a TA to Crystal (good idea to cc: me), and even if workshop/conference is hosted by JLab
  • Andrei and Mike agreed I may begin the "critical hire" process to post a position for an electrical engineer
  • Vacations - Jul/Aug
Around the table status updates
  • UITF - media:210623_CIS_UITF.pdf
  • GTS -
  • CEBAF - on-call, mode-locked fiber laser, diamond Mott ladder
  • Upgrade - Wrap up your Phase 1 jobs (as possible!), Matt continues forecasting Phase 2 for next SAD
Upcoming meetings
Status on partner projects - next week when Marcy is back in town
  • EIC - Group scope areas
  • ILC - Status on the ILC
Paper writing updates...
  • Joe - Biased anode study
  • Riad - GTS magnetized beam paper due
  • Shukui - Green fiber laser