June 22, 2021 - Group Meeting

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Group business
Around the table status updates
  • CEBAF - commissioning, mode-locked fiber laser, diamond Mott ladder
  • UITF
  • GTS
Upcoming meetings
  • Jul 1 abstract deadline Mini-Symposium Advancements and Opportunities of Polarized Targets and Beams APS DNP Meeting, Boston Oct 11-14, 2021
  • Carlos - IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, Vancouver, BC, Canada October 17-20, 2021
Status on partner projects
  • EIC - expected, scope coordination ramping up, for FY22 (and maybe FY21 contribution)
  • ILC - solicited, work packages being developed, do we want to contribute? maybe we need to meet/discuss what exactly, resources, timeline
Paper writing updates...
  • Joe - Biased anode study
  • Riad - GTS magnetized beam paper due
  • Shukui - Green fiber laser