June 22, 2022 - update

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  1. Anode flange based on Injector Phase 1 but with two HV ports
    • The used zero length reducer 10" to 4-1/2" flanges from the GTS that looks it has a been baked many times has been machined and the two mini-CF ports welded
    • It is awaiting vacuum degassing at 400 C for as long as possible (Marcy? Phil?)
  2. Anode
    • The anode has been polished, UHV cleaned and vacuum fired. It is in storage now.
    • All the other anode parts have been made: 2deg bore shield, downstream bore shield, tube standoff with 12 slots, ceramic spacers, one SS spacer (to bias only the anode),and ceramic bushings.
    • The bore shields form the previous anode assembly were electro-polished. We did not capture this on the drawing. Carlos contacted Aalexandria Metal Finishers, and submitted PR and Shipment form. None of these have been signed off yet. Can someone please follow up on this?
    • Once we receive electropolished part, Carlos will take care of sending them to UHV cleaning, followed by vacuum firing. S. Williams know this is coming his way.
  3. NEG screen mesh
    • The four screen sections previously fitted and adjusted have been UHV cleaned and vacuum degassed to 950C for ~4 h. along with the standoffs.
    • Three out of four sections have been installed.
    • Carlos sent sketches with dimensions of all four screen section to Shaun for adding to the HV chamber model. Carlos awaiting on Shaun's to tell if the two side screen sections are leveled. It is hard to tell w/o the model. Once model OK, Shaun will send to Gabriel for final electrostatic model.
    • Screen pictures
  4. HV chamber
    • Carlos waiting on Shaun to adjust the last screen section size prior to installation.
    • Once the screen is installed, Marcy and Phill to move HV chamber to LERF Lab 3A clean room
    • The plan is to use "The Bubba" to hold the chamber upside down inside the clean room while running ionized nitrogen for a few days.
    • Marcy to setup particle counter
  5. Clean room
    • Clean room has been cleared off
    • Lights have been replaced
    • Next is to clean up the clean room and keep it clean
    • Carlos verified that there is nitrogen available in Lab 3A
  1. Other items

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TEAMS meeting link sent along with invite