June 29, 2021 - Group Meeting

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Group business
  • Starting on Friday, virtual foreign conferences w/ fees requires DOE approval, takes 18 days, go through usual TA process
  • I submitted my request to hire an SE1/2, now begins the long process of getting approval from Stuart
  • I'm on vacation starting tomorrow, back Jul 12. Riad is acting dept head while I'm gone.
Around the table status updates
    • Unofficially, start-up looks to be delayed ~2 weeks
    • The great flood
    • Mott DAQ repair
    • Diamond Mott ladder
  • GTS
  • UITF
  • Upgrade
    • Can someone figure out absolute positions of 2I BPM's by learning SOFF and GOFF (work with Gould & Musson)?
    • Continue to characterize the Wien filter
    • Continue to learn how to use the Wien quads
    • Use Mott to calibrate Wien filters E/B fields
Upcoming meetings
Status on partner projects - next week when Marcy is back in town
  • EIC - Group scope areas
  • ILC - Status on the ILC
Paper writing updates...
  • Joe - Biased anode study
  • Riad - GTS magnetized beam paper due
  • Shukui - Green fiber laser