June 5, 2019

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We'll meet in TL-2561a on June 5, 2019 @ 9:30am.

Unusual Circumstances

There have been 3 recent incidents where fire trucks responded to alarms on the accelerator site:

  1. 10A card in a 1A slot resulting in a burned up air core magnet at 0L09
  2. Mis-wired 25A short on 100A shunt resulting in burned insulation on a ZA magnet
  3. Failed transformer winding on 28 year old klystron cathode power supply

In our realm of the accelerator, have we had enough resources and time to reasonably assess our systems ad have confidence for high reliability this summer?

The next 7 months!

  • Cryo has headroom to support LCLS/SRF operations this summer
  • Status of gain switch fiber oscillator at LERF
  • Forecast for commissioning and radio-isotope run
  • ARR, summer beam program, and the next gun electrode
  • TGun schedule and outlook for the rest of the year