June 9, 2021 - Group Meeting

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Group business
  • new hires
  1. maximize tele-working
  2. daily self certification remains
  3. on-site in person meetings allowed
  4. vaccination reporting encouraged
  5. face masks required if unvaccinated
Status on on our contribution to Lab projects
  • EIC - expected, scope coordination ramping up, for FY22 (and maybe FY21 contribution)
  • ILC - solicited, work packages being developed, do we want to contribute? maybe we need to meet/discuss what exactly, resources, timeline
  • Restoration begins July 16 (~5 weeks)
  • Commissioning - I don't see how it all fits, restoring CEBAF for the Fall run would be top priority
  • Things maybe left to do?
  1. PCup - water leak and pig-tail?
  2. Wien HV - work with injector group to decide mode of operation
  3. Harp - work with ME group to develop a solution, decide if/when to install
  4. Mode-locked fiber laser
  5. Mott target ladder swap
  • Phase 2 - who thinks we're ready by January?
  • Mike McCaughn taken over as work coordinator
  • Restoration begins July 26 (~6 weeks)
  • Clean HV chamber
  • New cathode and anode spider (~week?)
  • Prep chamber - mask, pucks, Sb source
  • Bake (~week) + condition (~week)
  • Re-building depo, gun, beam line, laser, HV controls - wow!
  • Once built, program til end of year...
  • Per Camille, pause on LERF upgrades
  • Presently, don't anticipate radio-isotope runs for a ~year-ish?
  • I am suggesting we move to the LERF, offices, labs, injector, etc....what do you think of this?
Students, FOA's, LDRD's, SBIR's ...
  • Students - Sajini, Josh
  • LDRD's - Shukui, Joe
  • Photocathode & HV FOA's
  • SBIR's