LLRF 3.0 Phase 1

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From: hovater <hovater@jlab.org>Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 2:11 PMTo: Joe Grames <grames@jlab.org>; Tomasz Plawski <plawski@jlab.org>; Pamela Kjeldsen <kjeldsen@jlab.org>Cc: Steve Suhring <suhring@jlab.org>; Matthew Bickley <bickley@jlab.org>; Rick Nelson <nelson@jlab.org>Subject: Re: LLRF 3.0 @ the injector
 Joe, The plan is to install and commission LLRF 3.0 in 1L05 first and ...if there is time/resources install the LLRF 3.0 HW in the injector.  The resources (labor) will be on RSRRF if we get to install and commission it. Curt
On 11/4/2020 2:04 PM, Joe Grames wrote:
> Curt,
> LLRF 3.0 will be in FY21 budget for prebuncher + choppers.
> Did you imagine this is just to buy/fab/assemble the chassis, or to additionally install/deploy at CEBAF during this SAD?
> Besides budget, this really isn't on my radar....but if install/deploy then I'll keep on my radar for readiness by April.
> Joe