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'''[[CIS Safety]]'''
'''[[CIS Safety]]'''
'''[[CIS Career Opportunities]]'''
'''[[Contact Us]]'''
'''[[Contact Us]]'''

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Jefferson Lab's Center for Injectors and Sources

Group Photo.
CIS members are (l to r) Matt Poelker (Group Leader), Joe Grames, Bubba Bullard, Marcy Stutzman, Scott Windham, Shukui Zhang, Carlos Hernandez-Garcia, Phil Adderley, Riad Suleiman.

Mission: The Center for Injectors and Sources builds and operates high performance beam sources for injectors and accelerators. Our primary mission is the operation of a polarized electron source for the 12 GeV Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF). We also operate sources and perform research at the Upgrade Injector Test Facility (UITF), the Low Energy Research Facility (LERF), and the Gun Test Stand (GTS). In support of our mission our work specializes in DC high voltage photoguns operating at extremely low pressures, using high power lasers to reliably producing intense polarized or unpolarized electron beams from photocathodes, and developing instrumentation and diagnostics to characterize these beams.


CIS Sharepoint (internal) https://jeffersonlab.sharepoint.com/sites/CIS

CIS Safety

CIS Career Opportunities

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