Mar 17, 2022 - Update Meeting

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  • NEG screens - Marcy
  • Vacuum chamber
    • Phil - Anything else to be done to the chamber (fiducial fixtures? support base? etc.)
    • How is the vacuum bake going? Marcy / Phil
  • Gun table layouts (UITF, CEBAF) - Shaun
  • Anode tube versions
    • Shaun sent Gabriel models for the 12 narrow and for the 6 wide slot tubes
    • Gabriel has done simulation of the beam deflection with these 2 models. Slides can be found here
    • The 12 slot tube seems to have a lesser effect on beam kick compared to the 6 slot tube
    • Gabriel and Carlos will discuss next week with Joe results from electrostatic models with various biasing options. This is to pick the best tube version (12 narrow slots, or 6 wide slots)
  • Anything else?

These are the models for the anode drift tube with 12, 0.5 inch wide slots (blue) and another tube with 6, 1.0 inch wide slots. Tilted anode and tube with 12 and with 6 slots.png

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